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Global Politics as if People Mattered (ISBN 0742566579)

Global Politics as if People Mattered (ISBN 0742566579)

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What would international relations look like if our theories and analyses began with individuals, families, and communities instead of executives, nation-states, and militaries? After all, it is people who make up cities, states, and corporations, and it is their beliefs and behaviors that explain why some parts of the world seem so peaceful while others appear so violent, why some societies are so rich while others are so poor.


  • Mualliflar: Tetreault M.A., Lipschutz R.D.
  • Primary Category: Iqtisodiyot
  • Til: Ingliz
  • Nashr yili: 2009
  • Nashriyot: Rowman & Littlefield Pub., 2009
  • Sahifalar soni: 267